Figtree Financial Services
  • Mission Statement

    The goal of our business is to provide our clients with comprehensive, quality Tax and Accounting services in an understandable language, at a fair cost, as soon as possible.

    It is our desire to treat our clients with respect, giving them the best possible service at the best possible fee.

    All Tax Returns will be prepared honestly, in accordance with the Tax Law of Canada. At the same time we’ll utilize every legal option to have our clients pay the lowest possible tax.

    Donna McGennis


Efile opens February 22, 2021.

The Climate Incentive Credit has increased.

Accumulated Training Credit

Child Care Access and Relief Tax Credit  –  Provincial Credit

All slips relating to COVID 19 benefits  CERB CRB CRSB CRCB

Up to $400 Deduction for those who had to work from home due to COVID 19

Please be aware that CRA has noted there are numerous scams operating throughout Canada. People posing as CRA agents or letters saying they are from CRA are most common. If you have any doubts about such communications please contact our office for assistance.

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