Figtree Financial Services
  • Mission Statement

    The goal of our business is to provide our clients with comprehensive, quality Tax and Accounting services in an understandable language, at a fair cost, as soon as possible.

    It is our desire to treat our clients with respect, giving them the best possible service at the best possible fee.

    All Tax Returns will be prepared honestly, in accordance with the Tax Law of Canada. At the same time we’ll utilize every legal option to have our clients pay the lowest possible tax.

    Donna McGennis

Income Tax Checklist

  • Income tax checklist
  • T183 signed for each tax filer & print name at top
  • CRA notice of assessment for last year’s return
  • Employment slips – T4’s etc – include union dues letters
  • T4E – were you on EI in 2018. You must print this off their website.
  • Investment slips – T3’s T5’s and more – some institutions now require you to print these yourself.  T1135 information must be included.
  • Pension slips including T4A’s, OAS & CPP slips, foreign pension
  • RRSP official receipts & T4RSP official receipts
  • Medical receipts and premiums paid
  • Charitable receipts
  • Childcare receipts
  • Tuition receipts – official T2202A available on school website
  • Property tax &/or rent receipts
  • Sale of stock or mutual funds and all trading summaries
  • Sale of any property including primary dwelling
  • Installments paid
  • Summary of income and expense for business, rental, T2200, TL2 meal info or logbooks
  • Please indicate all personal changes. These details affect the credits you may be entitled to.  —  current phone number, marital status change, new additions, address change, email

**Figtree Financial services will not be responsible for

Any slips or information not submitted to us.

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